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  • Retail Man POS  151)   Retail Man POS rmi_1_60_30a
    Retail Man POS is a software that converts your PC into a Powerful Point Of Sale system as the COMPLETE Retail Business Solution, functioning simultaneously as an Accounting and Invoicing System.

  • Globex  152)   Globex 3.0
    An useful tool for today's global economy. Includes "World Clock" for seeing the current time in cities from around the world; "Currency Exchanger" for converting amounts of currency; "Measurement Converter" to convert between measurement units.

  • Stator-AFM (Lite)  153)   Stator-AFM (Lite) 2.0
    Entry-level financial portfolio management software designed for traders and investors. Easily monitor trading and investing activities for a wide range of trading instruments and markets. Ideal way to keep track of investments / trading performance.

  • DoInventory Plus  154)   DoInventory Plus 3.7.6
    DoInventory™ is your total asset tracking and inventory software for Palm OS®, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile handheld PDAs and Windows PCs! Inventory your home, office, business, collections, etc. Carry your inventory with you.

  • Organizma ERP Uretim Takip  155)   Organizma ERP Uretim Takip
    Organizma Uretim Takibi - ERP Web Tabanli Is Yonetimi ve Temel Muhasebe paketine, Organizma PRO paketine ek olarak Uretim Takip ve Yonetim (ERP) Programi dahil edilmistir.

  • PowerPVC Small Business  156)   PowerPVC Small Business
    The complete solution for the manufacturer of PVC Windows and Doors. Easily design and cost windows and doors. Unlimited profile system; Unlimited furniture system; Unlimited quantity of other components; Convenient and simple to use.

  • Forecast and Budget Builder Excel  157)   Forecast and Budget Builder Excel 2.1
    The Forecast and Budget Builder is a streamlined tool to develop a 3 year business forecast with Sensitivity Analysis and a 12 month budget. It can be utilized for existing and proposed businesses or products/services. Easy to use and interpret.

  • WinTariff  158)   WinTariff 2.06.11
    WinTariff – it’s a program to collect and process information about telephone calls. The program receives data from the office PBX about date/time of the phone call, duration, dialled number, etc.

  • Tradetrek Enterprise  159)   Tradetrek Enterprise 1.0
    Offers investors a complete set of stock analysis and trading strategy tools, including Live Stock Picks, Neural-Network 5-day forecast, Money Flow, Tick Chart, portfolio and risk management, Pairtrade Picks and real-time interactive charting.

  • BWRSCalc  160)   BWRSCalc 1.0
    Gas properties calculator from Higgins & Associates for high pressure pipeline gases based on BWRS-Starling EOS as given in: 'Fluid Thermodynamic Properties of Light Petroleum Systems'.

  • Personal Finances Lite  161)   Personal Finances Lite 3.1
    Personal Finances is a home accounting software. You can easily compare family gains and losses and estimate the efficiency of using home budget resources. Can run straight from a USB flash drive and ready for Eee PC and other small-screen laptops.

  • pdc Form Maker  162)   pdc Form Maker 2.0.0
    pdc Form Maker the program designed to create the paperless office. Most form programs produce a bland form with no interaction with the user. Today the word is in color with pictures and automation on the form.

  • TrendMedium add-on for MetaStock  163)   TrendMedium add-on for MetaStock 2.75
    TrendMedium is a trading system for stocks and Forex which works as an add-on for Equis MetaStock. The system is based on revolutionary genetic algorithm to create "open ephemeral models" that describes the current stock movements and performances.

  • GUNNER24 Freeware  164)   GUNNER24 Freeware 2.3
    Seize the opportunity to get to know a new market forecasting method. The GUNNER24 Charting Software will allow you to familiarize yourself with the functions of the revolutionary concept and to post trade in accordance with a tested trading system.

  • Credit Card Manager Pro  165)   Credit Card Manager Pro 1.0
    Keep track of credit cards, payments, balances, phone numbers, etc. Monitor your credit card payments and balances. Never miss a payment with the included scheduler and reminder. Maintain essential names and phone numbers of business associates.

  • Catfood Quote  166)   Catfood Quote 2.02.0003
    Catfood Quote tracks your stock portfolio from the Windows taskbar - you can see at a glance if your portfolio is up or down for the day. Quotes are pulled from the Amex, LSE, Nasdaq, NYSE and TSE markets.

  • TechnoRiver Free Barcode Software Component  167)   TechnoRiver Free Barcode Software Component 1.1
    Free Barcode Software Component allows you to easily add Code39 , I2OF5 and ITF14 barcodes to Windows documents like Word or Excel. It exposes a full range of barcode properties and allows precise control over barcode dimensions.

  • Financial Advisor for Excel (Standard)  168)   Financial Advisor for Excel (Standard) 2.3
    Borrowing, business profitability, discounted cash flows, financial planning, investing, bonds, cost of capital, options, valuation and more in this financial toolbox!!!

  • StudenNet  169)   StudenNet 2.68
    WarehouseNet is a warehouse management software for public and private warehouse operation. It is extremely suitable for distribution center, MRP for manufacturer, logistic services and storage operation. Even fits for retailer and wholesaler

  • DayOffNet  170)   DayOffNet 2.58
    DayOffNet is a simple database software used to manage all the employee's day-off & vacation application inside company. It will generate report on each employee's vacation sub-total.

  • TraderCode Technical Indicators  171)   TraderCode Technical Indicators 1.1
    TraderCode is a very useful toolbox for stock traders. You can use it to compute technical indicator values for stock prices and plot them in Excel. It includes an Excel Add-In that provides an user interface for you to calculate results quickly.

  • Easy-CSS  172)   Easy-CSS 1.01
    For Easy Customer Service and Support. This software manages the customer requsets, based on a contract base or not. The request may be serviced via phone, using the help desk, or by thechnicians. An Outlook like calendar helps all the scheduling.

  • AmiChart  173)   AmiChart 1.5.2
    AmiChart is the friendly, powerful, easy to use tool for creating animated column, line and pie graphs. A simple setup wizard means you'll be displaying your data in dynamic, eye-catching Flash movies in minutes.

  • Cortege  174)   Cortege 1.0.0
    Cortege is an accessory for Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express that enables you to transform your address book into a graphical model of your network. This model incorporates features that help you evaluate, track and manage your relationships.

  • LoanCalc.exe  175)   LoanCalc.exe 1.5.3
    Loan Calc is an easy-to-use tool intended to calculate loans and mortgages repayments in a very simple way.

  • aCalendarForge  176)   aCalendarForge 1.0
    aCalendarForge builds HTML pages to show events as calendars, agenda, and logs. Event files can be tab separated text from spreadsheets or databases. Runs as a Mac OS X Cocoa application and as a java application on other platforms.

  • Conditional Formatting for Excel  177)   Conditional Formatting for Excel 2.2.0
    Analyze quick and easily your spreadsheet data with "n" conditional formatting levels of this powerful addin. This is essentially useful for who work with large quantities of info and/or dynamic data; like for example: stock quotes reports.

  • orangeCalc  178)   orangeCalc 2005 1.40
    orangeCalc 2005 is a small calculator, where you can quick make calculations without switching to an complex application. you can also quick make calculations in collapsed mode via the numeric pad.

  • FlashDrive PIM  179)   FlashDrive PIM 1.0
    Total PIM solution that features Schedules, To Do’s, Notes, Contacts- designed to work from removable drives, be it USB flash, CDR or a good old floppy. A perfect way to carry all your data with you, organized.

  • EDI Editor  180)   EDI Editor 2.0
    EDI Editor for 810, 850, HIPAA 837 Professional, 837I, 837D... It helps you to create new or modify existing EDI Document in a visual environment instead of a flat raw text file. It also validates the document against the HIPAA Implementation Guide

  • Variable Investment Analyst  181)   Variable Investment Analyst 6.00
    Variable Investment Analyst calculates profit, periodic, cumulative, & average annual total return, internal rate of return (IRR), capital gain, buy/sell prices, basis worksheets. Many charts. Very useful for investments w/multiple cash flows.

  • Crystal Reports Distributor 4.5 b20040622  182)   Crystal Reports Distributor 4.5 b20040622
    This powerful, intuitive and easy to use report scheduler will save you from the mundane job of manually running Crystal Reports daily, weekly, monthly etc and then exporting them to e-mails to be sent to your client, boss etc.

  • ACH Wizard  183)   ACH Wizard 2.2
    ACH Wizard provides businesses with the easiest way to create ACH origination files. The software allows your business to perform Direct Deposit, State and Federal Tax Payments, Payroll, Debit or Credit recurring dues and fees.

  • Fbilling System billing software  184)   Fbilling System billing software 3.3.12
    Easy to use billing software for small business. Create, print or email professional invoice, receipt, order, estimate, quote or credit memo with your company logo. Supports recurring invoices, tracking payments.

  • FinanCal para Excel  185)   FinanCal para Excel 1.6
    FinanCalc para Excel 1.6 tiene 16 calculadoras y continua creciendo (esta nueva version tiene 2 nuevas calculadoras).

  • Debt Eliminator Loan Calculator  186)   Debt Eliminator Loan Calculator 1.3
    Debt Eliminator Loan Calculator, this handy invaluable tool will allow you to forecast your loan repayments and help you manage debt, punch in a few numbers and create a report that you can pin up and tick off each month until you are debt free.

  • FundRaiser Basic  187)   FundRaiser Basic 1.35
    Software for fundraising and donor management that makes it easy to keep up with donations and to track donors and prospects. Correspondence, reports, queries, import/export. Complete yet VERY easy. Upgradable - great for growing nonprofits.

  • MyCallRegister  188)   MyCallRegister 8
    MyCallRegister is especially useful when dealing with people who seem to have lost all records of you contacting them. How many times do you write a note and lose it, or forget when you made the call?

  • SignIn  190)   SignIn 3.0
    This computerized employee locator replaces the office's old, manual sign in/out board.

  • SliQ Invoicing Plus  191)   SliQ Invoicing Plus 4.3.0
    Invoice software - easy to use, quick professional invoices. Choose from multiple invoice template or use the template editor to design your own. Track payments, automate monthly billing with recurring invoices

  • RezOvation  192)   RezOvation 2004.0.2
    Front Desk software for Hotel and B and B. Interactive calendar, point of sale, web upload/download, rent by day/hour, conversion wizard, international date/currency, multiple properties, E-mail marketing tools, financial reports, network ready

  • WebCab TA (J2SE Community Edition)  193)   WebCab TA (J2SE Community Edition) 1
    100% Free Java API providing a collection of 25+ technical indicators for the construction of technical trading systems. Moreover, by using these methods with our JDBC mediator you will be able to iteratively apply these indicators to a DBMS.

  • Stator-AFM (Professional)  194)   Stator-AFM (Professional) 2.0
    Advanced financial portfolio management software designed for traders and investors. Easily monitor trading and investing activities for a wide range of trading instruments and markets. Ideal way to keep track of investments andtrading performance.

  • CyberMatrix Point Of Sale  195)   CyberMatrix Point Of Sale 1.01
    CyberMatrix Point of Sale is an application for retail sales management. It can be used by businesses that sell goods, services or a combination of the two. A server application can be setup to allow data sharing and synchronization between stores.

  • Purchase Order Business Software  196)   Purchase Order Business Software
    PO management software create sales report, purchase report, item report and maintain record of company, product (sold or returned), buyer, supplier and other related person. Purchase order organizer program maintain financial transaction of company.

  • Invoice Manager - Rechnungsprogramm  197)   Invoice Manager - Rechnungsprogramm 2.0
    Invoice Manager - Rechnungsprogramm für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen. Es erlaubt Ihnen Rechnung, Angebot, Gutschrift, Lieferschein, Kontoauszug zu machen. Rechnungsprogramm unterstützt Lagerkontrolle und Strichcode

  • MLDownloader  198)   MLDownloader 7.1
    MLDownloader downloads intraday, EOD and historical stock quotes, Options and Futures from various Internet sites. To bring your data up-to-date simply instruct MLDownloader to perform a data collection for an individual symbol or a symbol list-

  • Proforma  199)   Proforma 2003
    Proforma enables you to sell your goods or services by credit card.It is ready to use stand-alone, for processing mail orders, or on your website for on-line sailes.Proforma is open source, and there is no setup fee, montly charges or trial period.

  • Instant Forex Profit System  200)   Instant Forex Profit System 2.1
    Instant Forex Profit System brings you reviews and consumer ratings on Instant Forex Profit System. Thus, here we share important facts, relevant points.

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